Financial Disclosures

Financial Disclosure

I believe Congress must be transparent about its business and I work to provide up to date information on my own activities, office expenditures, and appropriations requests. 

Below is my financial disclosure report, a document which details the source, type, amount, and value of my income. This information is filed with the Clerk of the House by all Members of Congress.

Congressman Sander Levin Financial Disclosure

Tax Returns

I have made public my 2005, 20062007, 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011 tax returns. 

Travel Expenses

The Clerk of the House also keeps records on Member travel and legal expenses.

Campaign Expenses

Information about my campaign fundraising and expenditures is filed with the Federal Election Commission.

Congressional Office Expenses

Congressional offices are appropriated a certain amount of money each year to operate their offices depending in part on that District’s distance from Washington, D.C. The amount set for our office is $1.41 million.. This money has to pay for all expenses including staff salaries, office rent, equipment, telephone bills, supplies, mailings, newsletters and travel between Michigan and D.C. There are rules as to what may be spent on official activities and each mailing or email to an audience larger than 500 people must be approved by the bi-partisan Congressional Standards Mailing Franking Commission under the Committee on House Administration.

All expenses for each office, as well as each committee, are available here. To make my office expenses more accessible, I have included my most recent quarterly expense report below.

Congressional Office Expenses

(Updated April 24, 2013)