Column: Ending Medicare As We Know It Under GOP Plan

Jul 26, 2017

Rep. Levin authored a column published in The Detroit News condemning the Republican proposal to turn Medicare into a voucher program. This proposal was included in the FY 2018 Budget approved by House Republicans in committee last week. The plan would replace the Medicare guarantee by providing beneficiaries with a flat payment they could use to purchase coverage. Rep. Levin opposes cutting Medicare, and he recently introduced legislation to improve the program by expanding its coverage to include dental, vision, and hearing benefits.

You can read more about the Republican proposal and the full column here.

Levin Office Welcomes Interns to Washington and Roseville
This summer, six college and three high school students interned in the Washington office, and four students interned in the Roseville office. They participated in a wide variety of activities from answering phones and taking constituent opinions, attending briefings, writing legislative memos, drafting letters and doing research. Rep. Levin and his staff always enjoys having interns in the office during the summer months to gain experience in government and help serve the constituents of the 9th Congressional District. To learn more about their experience, go to Rep. Levin's Instagram page, which interns in DC took over each Friday to highlight their work.

Rep. Levin Joins Colleagues In Urging the Trump Administration Address Anti-LGBT Violence In Chechnya
Rep. Levin recently signed a bipartisan letter urging President Trump to publicly condemn the Chechen government's campaign against its LGBT citizens and to press high-level Russian officials to end the ongoing abuses. The letter was prompted by broad evidence that the government of Chechnya has been sponsoring a campaign of arrest, torture, and murder against members of its own LGBT community. In the face of the Chechen government's brutality towards LGBT Chechens and the Russian government's apparent apathy toward the issue, it is important that President Trump takes seriously the responsibility of U.S. Presidents to lead the global fight against human rights violations.

Levin Urges Appropriators to Preserve Critical Education Funding
The federal government provides more than $90 million in funding to the State of Michigan under the Title II-A grant program, which supports professional development for more than 7,400 educators. What's more, thanks to this program, there are 334 additional teachers in Michigan schools, ensuring students receive more personalized attention in the classroom. However, President Trump and Congressional Republicans have proposed eliminating the funding for this program.

Rep. Levin joined more than 100 other concerned Members of Congress in urging the House Appropriations Committee to preserve this critical funding. You can read the full letter and see others signatories here.

This Week on the House Floor:
This week the House will consider H.J. Res. 111, a resolution to overturn a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau rule that bans financial institutions from using mandatory arbitration clauses to prevent consumers from utilizing class action lawsuits to address grievances.  The House will also take up a four-bill appropriations measure, the Making America Secure Appropriations Act (H.R. 3219), that would fund national defense and security operations, the legislative branch, military construction, the Veterans Administration, the Energy Department, and the Army Corps of Engineers.  This measure is also expected to include funding for the Trump Administration's plan to construct a wall along the southern U.S. border.