Floor Statement on GOP Plan D Act

Feb 6, 2013

Ways and Means Committee Ranking Member Sander Levin (D-MI) today made the following statement on the House floor in opposition to the GOP Plan D Act:

The Republican mantra is no revenues, cuts at any price, whether it damages health research, our kids’ education, our national defense – or our nation’s economy. Beneath their talk of softening their imagine remains their hard edge.

Now we’re less than a month away from a sequester -- $85 billion in arbitrary, across-the-board cuts just in 2013. Just yesterday, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office warned us that allowing the sequester budget cuts to take effect would reduce GDP growth by more than 25 percent this year, wiping out hundreds of thousands of jobs and pushing the unemployment rate back up to 8 percent.

Instead of opening their arms to the sequester – and risking our nation’s economy recovery – Republicans should be opening their minds to a balanced, bipartisan solution.