House Republicans Celebrate Groundhog Day with Another Dead-End Vote to Cut Americans’ Health Care

Feb 1, 2016

Tuesday is Groundhog Day, and House Republicans are observing it by holding their 63rd vote to repeal or undermine the Affordable Care Act.  House and Senate Republicans previously approved H.R. 3762, which among other things dismantles the Affordable Care Act and takes away affordable health coverage from 22 million Americans after 2017.  To no one’s surprise, President Obama vetoed the bill, and Republicans have no hope of mustering the two-thirds supermajorities in the House and Senate needed to override that veto. 

Lawmakers Call for Transparency on Equal Pay

Even as the economy continues to grow, women and people of color still face significant pay disparities at every age, educational level, and industry.  On average, women are paid just 79 cents for every dollar that men are paid.

Currently, the Department of Labor (DOL) is working to finish the Equal Pay Report rule.  The rule will establish the Equal Pay Report for federal contractors, and require them to report summary compensation data based on gender and race.  This data collection will bring transparency – the first step towards combatting wage discrimination.  Rep. Levin recently joined more than 70 House members in urging the DOL to finish the Equal Pay Report rule. You can read the full text of that letter here

2015 is the Warmest Year on Record

It’s official:  2015 was the Earth’s warmest year on record, surpassing the previous peak set in 2014.  According to NASA:  “The 2015 temperature record continues a long-term warming trend that has largely been driven by increased carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that humans have emitted into the atmosphere. Most of the warming has occurred in the past 35 years, with 15 of the 16 warmest years on record occurring since 2001.”  For more information click here.