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This page provides statistics and information about the Affordable Care Act and Republican efforts to repeal the law. It will be updated to include the most timely and relevant information.

National Uninsured Rate: 8.8% 
Michigan Uninsured Rate: 6.1% 
Next open enrollment: November 1, 2017 – January 31, 2018


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Opinion Editorials

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Stories from Michiganders

Jenny from Huntington Woods: "I thought breastfeeding would be blissful bonding. I had a very hard time with my first baby. Luckily, I had insurance that covered visits to an exceptional lactation consultant. She put me on a strict schedule of feeding and pumping, made possible by the free breast pump given to me under the Affordable Care Act. I successfully nursed until I was ready to wean, and my second baby latched the moment he was born. I have two healthy boys that I am blissfully bonded to, and I know that accessible and quality healthcare is the reason."

Kate from Ann Arbor: “In September 2012, at age 24, I left my full-time job at a local nonprofit with great benefits to pursue a masters degree in social work. Frankly, I wasn't too worried - I had always been in good health. But, thanks to the ACA, I was able to go back on my parents' insurance plan, and I started classes in September. I was feeling tired and run down, with a nagging cough, but at 24 it was easy to chalk that up to balancing school and work. That December, I noticed a bump on my collarbone and several swollen lymph nodes. Despite being sure that it was nothing, my friend convinced me to make an appointment with my doctor.

“It was stage 3 Hodgkin's lymphoma - a blood cancer. In one appointment, my life turned upside down, and soon I was facing biopsies, blood tests, and treatment planning. In January 2013, I began six months of chemotherapy. That June, my scans showed a great response to treatment - but there was still active cancer, so I went on to a month of radiation therapy. In November, I learned that I was finally in remission.

“What stands out to me most is that while I worried a lot that year, and I still worry today - about recurrence, long-term side effects, and survivorship - what I never had to worry about, thanks to the ACA, was being denied treatment for lack of resources or insurance. I didn't have to worry about the long term implications of my "pre-existing condition." No person, cancer patient or otherwise, should ever have to fear that the scariest time in their life could be made even harder by leaders who do not value health care as a basic human right.”

Kevin from Warren: "I'm a Marine Corps Veteran and I'm covered by the VA Health System but my wife isn't. She has Kidney Disease and I've found it hard to get coverage for her with the preexisting condition. The VA won't cover her, and Social Security ruled she wasn't disabled, but I found an affordable plan under the ACA (through Healthy Michigan). This allows for continued treatment and she's still with me."

Lori from Sterling Heights: “I have an 18 year old son at the University of Michigan and I am a single parent. The repeal of the ACA distresses me for several reasons, this being just one concern. I appreciate Congressman Levin's work on helping us retain the right to affordable health care.”