Levin Calls on President to Support Currency Legislation

Feb 23, 2017

Our country has lost between one and five million jobs as a result of currency manipulation by China and other foreign countries. These practices give their own exporters an unfair advantage over competitors and as a result harm U.S. manufacturers and businesses.  Rep. Levin called on President Trump to support legislation that would allow the U.S. to treat currency manipulation as a subsidy under U.S. trade law.  It is important to note that this legislation passed the U.S. House in 2010 with a broad bi-partisan measure but is currently held up by Republican leadership.  You may read the letter here.

Rep. Levin Supports Improvement to the American Opportunity Tax Credit
Rep. Levin has cosponsored legislation to improve the American Opportunity Tax Credit (AOTC), which helps families shoulder some of the costs of sending kids to college.  The Expand American Educational Opportunity Act (H.R. 823) would strengthen the credit by making it simpler and easier to claim, increasing the portion of the credit that is refundable, and making it work better students also receiving Pell Grants.  This legislation will make important improvements to this tax credit so that it continues to help millions of students and working families pursue a college degree.

Republicans Must Start Hearings Immediately on their ACA Replacement
Rep. Levin called on the Ways and Means Committee to meet the same standards of transparency that the Democratic Majority followed when the Affordable Care Act of was considered in 2009.  These include: a 4-week review of legislative language before a committee markup; a hearing specifically on that legislative proposal; and a separate hearing with the Secretary of HHS to discuss relevant issues.   You may read more here.

Macomb County Residents Encouraged to Limit Water Usage
Residents and businesses in the 11 communities serviced by the collapsed sewer line are asked to continue limiting their water usage to help avoid basement backups and a possible discharge of sewage into the Clinton River.  These communities include Fraser, Clinton Township, Sterling Heights, Chesterfield Township, Harrison Township (including Selfridge Air National Guard Base), Lenox Township, Macomb Township, New Haven, Shelby Township, Washington Township and Utica. The request to conserve water will stay in place until the completion of the temporary bypass system in the next few weeks.