Levin Floor Statement Urging Vote on Clean Funding Bill

Oct 7, 2013 Issues: Economy

U.S. Reps. Sander Levin (D-MI) made the following statement on the floor of the House of Representatives today urging Speaker Boehner to allow a vote on a clean government funding bill:

This will be a short-one minute speech because it can be said in a few words.

Yesterday the Speaker said: ‘There are not enough votes in the House to pass’ a clean bill to fund the government and end the shutdown.

There is one clear way to find out, Mr. Speaker: let us vote on the floor of the House. 

On Saturday, 195 of us Democrats sent a letter to the Speaker saying we are willing to vote yes. And there are at least 22 Republicans, according to reports, who have said publicly that they are ready to vote yes. That’s a majority. There are enough votes to end the shutdown. And Mr. Speaker, if you don’t believe it, let us vote.