Levin speaks out against GOP bill that Plays Politics with Our National Security

Jan 15, 2015

Mr. Chairman,

We need to be clear about what is happening here today.  The Republican Majority in the House is putting our national security at risk by threatening to shut down the Department of Homeland in order to advance their mean-spirited, anti-immigrant agenda.

House Republicans don’t like President Obama.  We get it.  The Majority also disagrees with the actions the President has taken on immigration. 

Look, if you disagree with the President on immigration, let’s hear your plan to fix our nation’s broken immigration system.  Bring your bill to the Floor and let’s debate it.  But we shouldn’t let down our guard on national security by playing games with the bill that funds border security, immigrations and customs enforcement, FEMA, and the Coast Guard. 

We have a bipartisan Homeland Security funding bill that could easily pass the House and Senate.  We could pass that bill today and the President would sign it into law.  Instead, the Republican Majority is preparing to load up the bill with a number of divisive, poison pill amendments that the President will never agree to.  Unless House Republicans change course, funding for the entire Department of Homeland Security will cut off on February 27. 

So the message to my Republican colleagues is clear.  Stop playing politics with our national security and send the President a clean Homeland Security funding bill.