Staff List

I have a saying that we are “one office.” It doesn’t matter whether a staff person works in D.C. or in Michigan, our job is to represent the residents of the 9th District and work to assist them. I want my staff to know how federal issues impact individuals, to resolve problems with federal agencies and to get involved in local communities. Please do not hesitate to call on us directly.

District Staff Duties: Our District staff takes the lead on constituent service and community outreach. They assist individuals and organizations with problems they may be having with federal agencies. They attend community events, take meeting requests, organize all local outreach, oversee the military nominations and other student outreach, and facilitate all D.C. tour requests.

Washington, D.C. Staff Duties: Our D.C. staff takes the lead on legislative work and the Congressional voting schedule. They do research, briefing memos, answer questions and help me advance our legislative priorities. They meet with Michigan organizations and individuals who might be in D.C. working on certain issues important to them.

Staff from both offices often work collaboratively on issues, local projects and the activities that we organize at home. Indeed, I think that is the favorite part of their jobs.

Roseville District Office (586) 498-7122 or (248) 968-2025

Walt Herzig, District Director
Hannah Varughese, Constituent Service and Community Liaison
Zeenath Hussain, Constituent Service and Community Liaison
Kyle Pollet, Constituent Service and Community Liaison
Monica Chrzaszcz, Constituent Service and Scheduler

The staff specializes by federal agency and works in certain communities. When you call, you may want to ask “for the person who works on Social Security issues or in the City of Warren” depending on your request.

Washington DC Office (202) 225-4961 or (888) 810-3880

Nick Gwyn, Chief of Staff
Carol Ditta Ertel, Office Manager
Eddie Shimkus, Legislative Director
Daniel Foster, Legislative Counsel
Haig Hovsepian, Press Secretary
Jeffrey Rapp, Senior Legislative Assistant
David Beer, Staff Assistant

The legislative staff specializes by issue area, so you may want to ask for the person that works on the issue that is of interest to you. We also work collaboratively with the staff of Ways and Means since I am Ranking Member of the Subcommittee on Health.

(Updated October 17, 2018)