Lawrence Tech Wins Grant to Assess Needs of Entrepreneurs

Jul 27, 2009 Issues: Education

(Washington D.C.)- The Economic Development Administration (EDA) of the Department of Commerce announced today that Lawrence Technological University will receive a $70,000 grant to study entrepreneurship, innovation, and product development in southeast Michigan.  The study, which will include a focus on displaced automotive workers, will make recommendations to the Economic Development Administration on steps to improve the entrepreneurial infrastructure.

 “An important component to ongoing efforts to jumpstart Michigan’s economy is connecting Michigan’s skilled workers with new opportunities and supporting efforts to diversify our economy and build on our strengths,” said Rep. Levin.  “I am very proud to see Lawrence Tech stepping up to the plate again and meeting a need in the community.  In this case, examining how the engineering, scientific and technological talent of our region can create the jobs of the future.”

According to Mark Brucki, Executive Director of Economic Development and Government Relations of Lawrence Tech, "The EDA grant allows us to identify unique opportunities to provide an environment and resources for product creation, innovation and job creation that are not being offered elsewhere in the State, the Great Lakes Region or the nation.

"We are fortunate to have an alliance with and a $10,000 cash match from the Detroit Regional Chamber to help generate actionable outcomes from this EDA grant."