Levin to Offer TPA Substitute to Put TPP on Right Track

Apr 22, 2015 Issues: Trade

WASHINGTON – Ways and Means Committee Ranking Member Sander Levin (D-MI) plans to offer a substitute to the Hatch-Wyden-Ryan TPA bill at Thursday’s Ways and Means markup in an effort to put the Trans-Pacific Partnership on the right track. The Right Track for TPP Act of 2015, which Rep. Levin will offer as an amendment, includes specific negotiating instructions on all of the major outstanding issues and establishes a TPP Advisory Group that must certify that the President has followed the negotiating instructions and adequately consulted with Congress.

Ways and Means Democrats will also put forward as an amendment on Thursday a package of trade enforcement and competitiveness provisions, and additional specific amendments.

A summary of the substitute is available here. The full text of the substitute is here.

“TPP is too important to leave so many key issues outstanding or needing to be improved and essentially leave out a meaningful role for Congress, which is what the Hatch-Wyden-Ryan TPA bill does,” said Rep. Levin. “This alternative puts the TPP negotiations on the right track, providing a path forward to an agreement that will garner broad, bipartisan support in Congress.”

The Right Track for TPP Act:

1. Includes specific negotiating instructions on all of the major outstanding issues in the TPP negotiations.

2. Does not provide for expedited consideration unless and until bipartisan groups of House and Senate trade advisors determine that the instructions were followed.

3. Has Congress write the consultation procedures, including what negotiating texts must be shared with Congress and stakeholders.

4. Includes two useable mechanisms to enable Congress to remove expedited consideration where necessary.