Levin Prebuttal to President Trump’s Joint Address to Congress

Feb 28, 2017 Issues: Health Care

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Rep. Sander Levin (D-MI) today issued a prebuttal in advance of President Trump’s joint address to Congress:

“Yesterday, President Trump conceded that health care is complicated.   Tonight, he should admit to America that despite drafts and discussions, Republicans don’t have a replacement for the coverage provided by the Affordable Care Act.  

“Lindsay Helfman from Hazel Park, Michigan, who will be attending tonight’s joint session of Congress as my guest, is one of the millions of Americans who have been helped by the ACA.  She deserves to hear the truth about what President Trump and Republicans in Congress will do to her family’s health care.

“None of the Republican proposals, white papers or leaked drafts will repair, rescue or replace health care – instead they will rip away health coverage from millions of Americans. Telling someone with cancer that they should depend on a health savings account for their treatment is not a rescue, it’s a cruel hoax. Cutting federal support for Medicaid is not a repair, it’s denying assistance to those needing health care. And raising taxes on middle-income Americans in order to cut taxes on the wealthy is not a replacement, it’s just a cost shift from millionaires onto working families.

“Congressional Republicans have been promising a replacement for the ACA for seven years, but they have never put forward a bill. The reason for that is not complicated. They simply don’t have a plan that comes even close to matching their rhetoric. Confessing that reality might be painful for President Trump’s pride, but taking away coverage from 32 million Americans and threatening employer-sponsored health insurance for 177 million more, will inflict a much greater pain in every corner of our nation.“