Levin Statement on Trump Building Trades Speech

Apr 4, 2017 Issues: Economy

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Rep. Sander Levin (D-MI), today released the following statement in response to a speech made by President Trump at a conference for North America’s Building Trades Unions:

“On the clear need for massive new funding for infrastructure, the President was once again big talk and no plan.

“As someone who represented the Building Trades as a young labor lawyer, I was struck by how the President never mentioned the importance of labor unions. They have been a vital link to decent wages, health insurance and pensions. He also conveniently forgot to mention that Republicans have endeavored for years to eliminate prevailing wage protections in the construction industry.

“And on a day of horrendous images of the gassing of innocent victims, the President has failed to speak out clearly and personally. He is not as he stated “the President of the world,” but he is a citizen of the world and we expect him to be America’s leader in the world.”