Rep. Levin Highlights ACA Enrollment Deadline

Dec 4, 2017 Issues: Health Care

Rep. Levin Highlights ACA Enrollment Deadline


ROSEVILLE, MI – Rep. Sander Levin (MI-09) today met with individuals and organizations that help Michiganders enroll in health insurance under the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  This year’s ACA open enrollment period lasts only six weeks compared to 12 weeks last year and the deadline for signing up is December 15.  The meeting was held in Sterling Heights in the offices of ACCESS, one of the organizations helping Michiganders navigate their enrollment options.  


Rep. Levin said, We have to redouble our efforts to help people sign up for health insurance, especially as the Trump Administration is making enrollment more difficult by slashing funding for navigators, cutting the enrollment period in half, and threating steps that would increase premiums.  Fortunately, here in Michigan, many dedicated organizations are actively working to help people enroll despite these hurdles.  I urge every Michigander without health insurance to sign up now.”


In a statement, ACCESS declared that “This open enrollment period, our agency was faced with unanticipated changes, such as a 33% program budget cut along with the shortened open enrollment period.”  But ACCESS also noted their successful enrollment efforts despite these challenges, including assisting 1,224 clients, 1,120 of which were assisted with enrolling in a health plan – 705 through the ACA Marketplace and 415 through the Healthy Michigan Plan.

The Healthy Asian Americans Project stated “Since the ACA became law, the individual mandate has helped to reduce the uninsured rates for Asian Americans by half.  Based on the data from the Congressional Budget Office estimated repealing the mandate will lead to 13 million people losing their health insurance and premiums will increase by 10 percent.  The recent tax bill passed in Senate can be very dangerous to our Asian communities.”

Organizations attending today’s meeting included: ACCESS Community Health and Research Center; Healthy Asian Americans Project; Chaldean Community Foundation; FernCare Free Clinic, Inc.; MyCare; and Jewish Family Service of Metropolitan Detroit.