Rep. Levin and Community Leaders Discuss Impacts of Trump Budget

Jun 21, 2017

Rep. Levin joined community leaders and representatives from more than 25 local organizations from Oakland and Macomb County on Monday to highlight the impact President Trump’s Fiscal Year 2018 budget proposal would have in our congressional district. The event highlighted how the proposed cuts would devastate the community by reducing funding for vital programs.  Speakers discussed how individual programs would be affected by the loss of funding and explained the direct impact the drastic cuts would have on issues ranging from food security and energy assistance for low-income families to environmental protection, health, and job training. Rep. Levin has spoken out against President Trump’s proposed budget previously and will continue to fight to keep key programs funded. You can read his full statement and learn more about the effects of the budget here.

Summer Meals for Kids and Teens Served in Your Community
According to the USDA, about 22.1 million children and teenagers receive free and reduced-price meals through the National School Lunch Program. But when school is out during the summer months, many families don’t have the same access to nutritious meals for their children.  The Summer Food Service Program was established to ensure that children continue to receive nutritious meals over the summer.  This summer, the USDA plans to serve more than 200 million free meals to children 18 years and under at approved SFSP sites.  To find a summer meal site near you, call 1-866-348-6479 or click here

Rep. Levin Commemorates World Refugee Day
Wednesday, June 20th, is World Refugee Day.   Rep. Levin is one of the original cosponsors of a bipartisan resolution that reaffirms U.S. leadership in responding to displacement crises around the world.  Last year, the international community recorded 65.6 million displaced people, refugees, and asylum seekers fleeing violence and persecution in every region of the world. Half of the them are children.  That is why it is more important than ever that the United States takes a  global leadership role in sending a clear message of support to the most vulnerable populations. 

Upholding International Obligations to Curbing Carbon Pollution
Recently, Rep. Levin joined 170 other Members of Congress in signing on as an original cosponsor to a resolution disapproving President Trump’s decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris Agreement. Specifically, the resolution expresses support for curbing carbon pollution and urges the President to reverse his decision. The Paris Agreement on climate change is a voluntary accord among nearly 200 nations to reduce their greenhouse-gas emissions. Specifically, the Paris Agreement aims to keep the world’s mean temperature from rising by more than 2ºC above pre-industrial levels by the year 2100 — and ideally, contain rising temperatures to 1.5ºC. Scientists believe that keeping planetary warming below this level is necessary to avert the worst effects of global climate change, such as a rising sea level and more frequent extreme-weather events.

This week on the House floor: 
This week the House will consider the Electricity Reliability and Forest Protection Act (H.R. 1873), legislation to promote removal of vegetation near power lines on federal lands but weakens environmental laws and does little to improve coordination between federal agencies.  The House will also debate the Water Supply Permitting Coordination Act (H.R. 1654), which seeks to streamline the permitting process for construction of water storage facilities but does so by setting arbitrary and unworkable deadlines for environmental reviews.  Finally, the House will consider the Accelerating Individuals in the Workforce Act (H.R. 2842) to authorize demonstration projects within the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program that will help individuals gain permanent employment.