Rep. Levin Attends Troy Community Coalition’s Annual Prayer Breakfast

May 9, 2018 Issues: Foreign Affairs, AntiDrug

Rep. Levin Attends Troy Community Coalition’s Annual Prayer Breakfast

Last week, Rep. Levin joined community leaders in support of the Troy Community Coalition. The Troy Community Coalition was founded in 1990 when a parent support group, Troy Families for SAFE HOMES, organized a community workshop to address the problem of underage drinking. As one of the first community based substance abuse prevention coalitions, Troy inspired the writing and passage of the Drug Free Communities Grant, which provides seed money for coalitions all across The United States.

The Troy Community Coalition first received the DFC Grant funding in 2000 and finished their funding in 2010. Now, as a post-DFC funded coalition, it maintains strong ties with the community and region to continue their support for prevention services in Troy.

Rep Levin:  Pulling Out of the Iran Nuclear Agreement Increases the Danger for All of Us. 

Yesterday, Rep. Levin issued a statement about President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Iran Nuclear Agreement, which he strongly supported: 

"The action of the President increases the danger for all of us in our nation, and the world, not lessens it. With Iran only a short period away from having a nuclear weapon, leading nations negotiated specific commitments to prevent Iran’s development of nuclear weapons for 10 years -- clearly better than no commitment from Day One. 

"President Trump’s acting on campaign promises that never should have been made is a threat to our nation.

"Before making my decision on the 2015 Iran nuclear agreement -- one of the most challenging and crucial foreign policy decisions for me during 35 years in Congress -- I looked carefully into the facts. I said then that ‘Israel, the region, and the world are far more secure if Iran does not move toward possession of a nuclear weapon.’  That remains true today. "

Celebrate Nurses!

Today is National School Nurse Day, celebrated since 1972 to recognize and celebrate the contributions school nurses make to the health and well-being of the millions of students across the country.  Whether administering medication, helping with an injury, comforting a sick student, or being just being someone who listens, school nurses play an important role in our education system and serve as role models for our students.  They also advocate for and implement health and safety policies in school districts across the country.  We celebrate National School Nurse day in the midst of National Nurse Week, set aside in this week to acknowledge the vital contributions nurses make in providing quality health care services and compassion to patients.

Rep. Levin hosts Military Service Academy Reception

Rep. Levin held a reception for five students in the 9th Congressional District who have been accepted into the four Military Service Academies. Each year, members of congress nominate outstanding students in their districts for appointments to the United States Military Academy at West Point, the United States Air Force Academy, the United States Naval Academy, and the United States Merchant Marine Academy. All these schools have an extremely competitive application process and are ranked as some of the most selective colleges and universities in America. The average acceptance rate is between 8-17 percent for each of the schools.

This year, Congressman Levin congratulated four West Point appointees and one Air Force Academy appointee as they prepared to depart for school in July.  

Current high school students interested in the service academies are encouraged to contact Kyle Pollet in Rep. Levin’s District Office at 586-498-7122 for more information on applying to a service academy and the nomination process. Details are also available on Rep. Levin’s website.

This Week on the House Floor:

The House will consider legislation that undermines the independence of the Federal Trade Commission by eliminating its enforcement of and ability to challenge anti-competitive mergers (H.R. 5645).  The House will also consider the Citizens Right to Know Act (H.R. 2152), which would undermine Americans’ privacy rights and fails to correct problems in the nation’s money bail system.  The House will vote to undo guidance issued by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and used by indirect auto lenders to be in compliance with the law (S.J. Res 57) and will consider legislation that provides for the licensing and continued construction of a nuclear waste repository in Nevada (H.R. 3053).