Rep. Levin Seeks Action for Michiganders Falsely Accused of Unemployment Insurance Fraud

May 11, 2016

Last Friday, Rep. Levin hosted a press conference outside Gov. Snyder’s Detroit office with individuals who have been harmed by the state’s flawed automated insurance fraud detection system. The Michiganders shared their stories and their struggles, and exemplified why it is so critical that the state go back and review all cases since it implemented the automated system in 2013, and reimburse those wrongly accused of fraud. You can read more about that press conference here.

As Rep. Levin prepared to meet with these individuals, the state sent out a response to the letter he sent Gov. Snyder on April 25. Rep. Levin reviewed the letter and found a number of inaccuracies, and is committed to continuing to work to ensure that the state reviews the cases and reimburses those who have been harmed. You can read the state’s response and Rep. Levin’s thoughts here.

Rep. Levin Encourages Safe Prescription Drug Disposal 
Prevention coalitions in Macomb and Oakland Counties participated in the 11th National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day on April 30th. This event is a vital effort that spotlights the danger of prescription drug abuse and helps keep our communities safer by promoting their proper disposal which keeps unused and expired medication off the streets and out of the water system. Collaboration between community coalitions and law enforcement has led to the placement of permanent disposal boxes at many local police stations throughout the 9th Congressional District. For a full list of disposal sites visit the Macomb County Operation Rx or the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office.

Getting Health Care Coverage under the Affordable Care Act after Open Enrollment
The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires that people sign up for individual health insurance plans during an annual Open Enrollment period. While Open Enrollment for 2016 closed on January 31st, people who have experienced one or more life events since then may still be eligible to enroll in health insurance this year. For example, people who have lost job-based or individual coverage, have recently moved, who have gotten married, or who have had a baby or adopted a child may be able to enroll in a health insurance plan outside of Open Enrollment. For a complete list of life events that may enable you or others you know to enroll, click here. If you need help with enrollment, you can enter your zip code here and receive a list of trained health care assisters near you.

May is ‪Community Action Month‬
Community Action Agencies (CAAs) were formed as part of President Lyndon B. Johnson's War on Poverty. Today, CAAs help millions of low-income Americans escape poverty through emergency assistance and long-term solutions. Each agency’s programs address the unique needs of the community it serves and includes such programs as education, energy and weatherization, financial security, food and nutrition, housing, supportive services for older adults and people with disabilities, and assistance for veterans and their families. For additional information you can visit Oakland Livingston Human Services Agency or Macomb Community Action.

On the Floor of the U.S. House this week:  The House is considering a two pieces of legislation to address the opioid epidemic in our country. Rep. Levin wrote an article on this subject for the Detroit News. You may read it here.