Reps. Levin and Dingell: The ACA is working in Michigan

Feb 2, 2017

Last week, Reps. Levin and Dingell co-authored a column that ran in The Detroit News chronicling how the Affordable Care Act has been good for Michigan. The column highlights the improvements that the law has brought to private coverage, the increased number of Michiganians with health coverage, and the economic benefits of Michigan's Medicaid expansion, Healthy Michigan. You can read the column here.

Local Leaders Discuss Concerns about Potential Repeal of the ACA
In Michigan, the Affordable Care Act has improved the lives of residents by increasing access to health care, creating life-saving consumer protections, providing financial benefits to Michigan, and strengthening Medicare.  Last week, Rep. Levin met with local community leaders to discuss the potential impact of repealing the Affordable Care Act.  The roundtable included organizations that have helped Michiganders sign up for insurance, nonprofits and government agencies which serve people's healthcare needs, and organizations that advocate for a number of health needs. 

Rep. Levin Opposes President's Attack on Global Women's Health; Cosponsors Legislation to Repeal the Global Gag Rule
On January 23rd, the President issued an executive order reinstating the so-called "Mexico City language" or "Global Gag Rule," which bars U.S. aid to foreign non-governmental organizations that provide medical care and family planning services to vulnerable women across the globe if the organization, using its own private funds, performs legal abortion services or even provides general information about abortion services. Research evaluating the effect of the Global Gag Rule the last time it was reinstated found that this policy increased the rates of unintended pregnancies, unsafe abortions, and the deaths of mothers and their children across the globe, as well as increased the cost of accessing health care and caused cuts to services for vulnerable women.  You may read the full statement here.

Rep. Levin Signs Multiple Letters to Protect the Great Lakes from Nuclear Waste
Last week, Rep. Levin joined other concerned Members of Congress in sending a letter to both the President of the United States and the Canadian government expressing opposition to Canada's proposed project to store nuclear waste just half a mile from Lake Huron.  The Canadian government's proposed project would store up to 52 million gallons of nuclear waste, which includes everything that has had exposure to nuclear radiation during electricity production from mops and clothes, to generators, and vents near reactors.

Each letter expressed our strong opposition to this proposal and urged both governments to work together to find an alternative location that would not compromise clean drinking water for over 40 million people in the United States and Canada.  You can read our letter to Canadian Mister Freeland here, and our letter to President Trump here.

Rep. Levin Opposes the President's Executive Order on Refugees
Rep. Levin strongly opposes President Trump's executive order that suspends refugee programs and bans travelers from seven predominately Muslim countries from coming to the United States.  The suspension of the refugee program effectively shuts the door on Muslims fleeing from violence and persecution.  We can and must both fight terrorism and help those who seek to escape it. This Executive Order does neither.  Instead, it appeals to prejudice, turns our back on some of the most vulnerable people in need, and is against our nation's character.  You can read my full statement here.

This Week on the House Floor:
The Republican Majority will utilize the Congressional Review Act this week to bring to the floor measures that would undo regulations put in place by the Obama Administration.  These resolutions of disapproval will remove rules that protect streams from pollution in areas where mountaintop coal mining occurs, fight corruption by requiring companies registered on U.S. stock exchanges to disclose payments to governments for oil and gas extraction, ensure fair pay and safe workplaces, implement provisions of the NICS Improvement Amendments Act having to do with reporting names of individuals prohibited by law from purchase firearms to the national database used to conduct background checks, and require oil and gas producers to implement measures that reduce natural gas waste.