Examples of help with Federal Agencies

Below are a few examples of the recent work my District Office staff was able to assist with:

  • My office was successful in assisting an 89 year-old widow of a World War II Veteran receive death pension compensation from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). The widow had been approved for the compensation, however the VA then determined her to be ineligible due to an increase in her Social Security after her husband’s death. My office was able to assist in having the appeal reviewed by a Decision Review Officer at the VA who decided in her favor and ordered her VA compensation be paid at the correct level.
  • My office worked with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) liaison to help an elderly married couple who received a bill from the IRS for interest and penalties on a tax return they did not file. The IRS found that someone fraudulently filed a tax return for the wife, reversed the penalties and taxes were applied to their account. The individual who was responsible for the identity theft was also prosecuted.
  • My office assisted with expediting a hearing for a woman who was seeking Social Security Disability benefits after she experienced substantial nerve damage throughout her body resulting in her losing her job and home. After two years of battling with her condition and attempting to retrieve benefits through conventional means, she contacted our office requesting an expedition of her hearing. Within six months of contacting our office, she received her hearing date and the Social Security Administration deemed her disabled. She received $58,851.00 in back payments and continues to receive monthly benefits.
  • My office assisted a woman whose medical claims were being rejected by Medicare and she could not figure out why. After contacting Medicare, it was discovered that Medicare wasn’t placed as her primary insurer after her husband’s retirement resulting in the billing being sent to their old insurer. Shortly after this was discovered Medicare updated their records and paid for all of the previously rejected claims.
  • My office was able to assist a family with a passport issue so they were able to go on vacation together. The family thought they had filed for the passports together, but then only the parents received their passports and their daughter did not receive hers. It was later discovered that the passport acceptance agent had not stamped the form and therefore it was not valid. My office was able send the corrected form to the passport agency and the daughter’s passport was received in time to go on the family vacation.
  • My office was able to help a constituent receive payment for a social security check that had not been cashed. A check received back in October 2008 had inadvertently not been cashed. The office helped to ensure all of the correct paperwork was sent the Social Security Administration and facilitated the constituent obtaining the reimbursement for $1,095.
  • My office was able to assist a family with obtaining proof of citizenship for an elderly woman in a coma. The family needed proof of citizenship and my office requested that USCIS conduct a detailed manual search of the archives and they were able to retrieve proof of citizenship for the woman. The family was then able to file an application for her so she could obtain her certificate of citizenship.