Statement in Opposition H.R. 1120 effort to shut down the National Labor Relations Board.

Apr 12, 2013

Mr. Chairman, as our economy continues to recover, Congress should avoid any action that would destabilize employer-employee relations—something that we can all agree is essential for our Nation’s economic success.  In my home state of Michigan, we have seen the resurgence of the domestic auto industry in large part due to cooperation between labor and management and their shared desire to succeed.

With that example in mind, I cannot understand why House Republicans are supporting H.R. 1120, the so-called Preventing Greater Uncertainty in the Labor Management Relations Act, which would effectively shut down the National Labor Relations Board.  Instead of assuring productive employer-worker relations, a vital part of which is giving workers a voice in the workplace, this bill would actually create more uncertainty by rendering inoperable the very agency that protects workers and businesses from unfair and illegal activity.

This country has labor laws for a reason—to protect workers from exploitation and ensure a working environment that benefits both labor and management.  And we should not forget that these labor laws helped create the middle class, providing generations of Americans with good pay and quality benefits, safe workplaces, and job security.

If Congress wishes to take action regarding the National Labor Relations Board, I would recommend that action to be the swift Senate confirmation of President Obama’s three candidates for the Board.  As for H.R. 1120, I will oppose this partisan effort to shut down the National Labor Relations Board.