Statement in recognition of Mayor Robert Hison’s dedication to St. Clair Shores

Nov 17, 2011

Mr. Speaker:  I rise today to recognize my friend and colleague in public service, Mayor Robert Hison of St. Clair Shores, Michigan, as he retires after 27 years of devoted and talented service on the City Council. I have deeply enjoyed working with Mr. Hison on a number of significant issues to help serve our mutual constituents.

Mr. Hison had a lengthy and successful career at Detroit Diesel Corp, retiring in 2004 after 38 years of service.  He was appointed to St. Clair Shores City Council in 1984, was reelected several times and ran for Mayor in 2004, and has served the last 7 years in that capacity.

Although the position of Mayor is part-time in St. Clair Shores, Mr. Hison believed it was a full-time responsibility.  He devoted himself to the work and was visible everywhere throughout the city.  He made it his goal to improve the city’s financial future and under Mr. Hison’s leadership, the City of Saint Clair Shores has continued on a path of sound financial footing despite immense economic challenges.

The City of St. Clair Shores is fortunate to be located next to Lake St. Clair, one of the most biologically diverse ecosystems in North America and a vital resource for fishing, boating, swimming, and other recreational activities.  Lake St. Clair is not the largest body of water in the Great Lakes system, but no body of water is more important.  During his tenure on the City Council and especially as Mayor, Mr. Hison has worked to restore Lake St. Clair and address longstanding environmental problems that threatened the health of this vital natural resource.  In particular, he has worked closely with my office and the Environmental Protection Agency to begin to address the PCB contamination that was discovered in the Ten Mile Drain adjacent to the Lake in 2002.  

In addition, while serving as Mayor, Mr. Hison went beyond serving his community and lent his talents to the entire Southeast Michigan area by taking on several leadership roles with the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments (SEMCOG).  He served as chair of both the Data Center and Finance & Budget Committees before being elected as Vice Chair of SEMCOG in 2007 and later Chair in 2010.  In 2010 he was nominated by SEMCOG for the open Region IX Seat on the National Organization of Regional Councils (NARC) Board which serves Michigan and Ohio.

Mr. Speaker, I ask my colleagues to join me in recognizing the dedicated public service of Robert Hison and his numerous achievements. I am so pleased to join with the entire community in paying tribute to his achievements, thanking him for years of talented service. I am confident he will continue to play an important role in the community where he is so highly thought of, in addition to enjoying a bit of retirement with his wife Nancy.