Statement on Republican Student Loan Bill

Apr 27, 2012 Issues: Education

Member Sander Levin (D-MI) gave the following statement on the floor of the House of Representatives concerning H.R. 4628, the Republican Student Loan Bill:

“Republicans have taken a 180-degree turn on helping with student loans. The Republican budget said no. In February, Gov. Mitt Romney said this: ‘The right course for America is … to make sure that we provide loans to the extent we possibly can at an interest rate that doesn’t have the taxpayers having to subsidize people who want to go to school.’ Now he and Congressional Republicans have shifted. Shifty indeed. How they are doing so is not only politically expedient but extremely harmful. They hit health care. They refuse to end a tax break for Big Oil that never should have been given, even though the Big Five oil companies made $32 billion in the fourth quarter of last year alone. This bill is shameless, shameful.”