Support for Pregnant Women and Families

Jul 27, 2016

Earlier this month, Rep. Levin co-sponsored the Healthy Start Reauthorization Act, which reauthorizes the Healthy Start for Infants Program from Fiscal Year 2017 through Fiscal Year 2022.  For the last 25 years, Healthy Start for Infants has provided important services including health education, depression screenings, outreach, case management, and other efforts to assist pregnant women and families before and after pregnancies.  The success of these services has reduced the national rate of infant mortality and low birthweight babies.  This is important legislation because while the infant mortality rate has decreased, there are still 6 babies of every 1,000 live births who do not live to see their first year of life.  

Rep. Levin Co-Sponsors Legislation to Modernize Federal Technology Systems 
Rep. Levin recently co-sponsored the Information Technology Modernization Act, bipartisan legislation to modernize our federal technology systems.  Specifically, this bill establishes dedicated fund with a one-time investment to upgrade the technology systems of individual federal agencies and facilitate data sharing between agencies to root out fraud and prevent cyber-attacks. It is important that American companies and citizens feel that their private information and government operations are are fully protected with the modern information technology. This legislation will ensure that information stays secure while enhancing cybersecurity.

Visit Local Farmers Markets 
The 9th Congressional District is home to over 10 local Farmers Markets that operate throughout the summer.  There has been a strong resurgence of farmers markets over the last several years, both in our area, throughout the state and country.  The popularity and growth of these markets have been a major boost to the local farming economy, and they provide an opportunity for residents to get farm fresh produce while also bringing communities together.  Rep. Levin likes to visit these markets during the summer months to see their impact and success first-hand.  In addition, many of these local markets utilize the United States Department of Agriculture Food and Nutrition Service programs such as the: Double Up Food Bucks Program, WIC Cash Value Benefits (CVB) program, WIC Project FRESH, the Farmers Market Nutrition Program (FMNP) and Senior Project FRESH/Market FRESH.  To learn more about these helpful programs click here.

Presidential Greetings 
The White House sends out greetings to United States citizens for special occasions. It is a great way to congratulate family members and friends. Some of our most commonly requested greetings are on the occasion of a baby’s birth, a loved one’s 100th birthday, retirement, weddings, and wedding anniversaries.  You can request a greeting through my website by clicking here. All greetings are sent out by the White House two weeks before the occasion date and the ideal time frame to request a greeting is around 6 weeks before the occasion date. For the birth of a child, requests may be sent after the birth.