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In 2000, Congress unanimously passed legislation (P.L. 106-380) to create the Veterans History Project at the Library of Congress. The project is working to preserve extraordinary stories of individual service and important moments in our nation's history for future generations by collecting oral histories, memoirs, diaries, letters and other documents that capture the experiences of those who have served our nation in time of war.

Since its creation, more than 75,000 veterans have participated, and the Library of Congress recently digitized its 10,000th veterans collection on-line.

I am proud to support the Veterans History Project by encouraging residents of Michigan's 9th Congressional District to participate in this historic effort. There are several ways residents of the 9th District can be involved:

  • Individuals can interview a friend, neighbor, or family member who served in the military or supported the armed forces as a civilian during war time. For more information on how to record and submit a history to the Veterans History Project click here.
  • In Oakland County, the The City of Southfield Veterans Commission collects veterans' histories each week at the Southfield Public Library and in neighboring communities. Any area wartime veteran that would like to have his or her story recorded by the Southfield Veterans Commission contact Daniel Brightwell at 248-796-4VET (248-796- 4838) or
  • In Macomb County, anyone interested in encouraged to contact RSVP of Macomb, a nonprofit organization that has been compiling veterans' stories since 2003 at St. Cletus Church in Warren.  Veterans or family members seeking assistance in filming a history can contact RSVP of Macomb at 586-756-1430 or To read more about RSVP’s efforts, click here.
  • Anyone can submit histories so long as they follow guidelines set by the Library of Congress. Veterans groups, schools, individuals or organizations that would like more information on how they can be involved in the Veterans History Project can contact Jeremy Mahrle in my Michigan Office by phone at 586-498-7122 or 248-968-2025, or by email at

View Local Veterans' Histories at the Southfield Public Library



(Updated April 13, 2016)