Democracy & Voting Rights

Rep. Levin is a strong advocate for strengthening voting rights, expanding access to the ballot box, and ensuring that our government works for everyday Americans.

He was proud to cosponsor the For The People Act, legislation passed by the House to ensure clean and fair elections by making it easier for citizens to vote, ending partisan gerrymandering, and enhancing federal efforts to secure voting systems. The bill also improves online political advertisement disclosure, strengthens rules on super PACs, expands conflict of interest laws, and more.

He also cosponsored the Voting Rights Advancement Act, which would make elections more transparent, ensure that all Americans can participate in our democracy, and restore the Voting Rights Act of 1965 by requiring states with a recent record of voter suppression to seek federal preclearance for election changes. 

Rep. Levin believes political campaigns should be about persuading voters on values and ideas, not scamming people out of every last dollar they have. He was proud to introduce the Uncheck the Box Act, a bill that would prohibit the solicitation and acceptance of a recurring contribution or donation without affirmative consent.

Rep. Levin is a proud member of the End Corruption Caucus, a group of his colleagues who are determined to end the culture of corruption in Washington. Together, they support reforms to keep dark money, corporate PACs, and special interests out of our democracy; ensure accountability in all branches of government through transparency; and prohibit foreign actors from interfering in our elections.