January 22, 2024

Picket Fence Media: Levin’s Letter Looking Back at Our Achievements & Making Progress in 2024

The beginning of a new year gives us the opportunity to reflect on the previous one and set new goals that build on our successes and prepare for the future. For me, it gives renewed energy and allows me to look back at the work we’ve done to improve our district and set priorities for the year ahead.

Last year was a challenging one for Congress. We faced complicated issues, both at home and abroad, that continue to demand action and will shape the course of 2024. I know that many of my constituents are disillusioned by the partisan divide in Washington and ask themselves what elected officials are getting done. I share some of those frustrations, but I still firmly believe in the power of working together, across the aisle, to accomplish great things.

Looking back at 2023, together we delivered real results for our district and improved the quality of life in our communities. Some of the accomplishments that I am particularly proud of that we will continue to build on this year include:

30 Bipartisan Laws: Throughout my time in Congress, I’ve passed 30 bipartisan laws to

improve veterans’ benefits, foster innovation in the storage and disposal of spent nuclear fuel, improve the quality of recovery housing, and more. These are legislative wins for our district and the country that help Americans every day.

Nuclear Waste Removal: We are making significant progress on safely moving nuclear waste off the beach at San Onofre. Last June, together with Energy Secretary Granholm, we announced more than $25 million for communities across the country to initiate consent-based siting processes to store spent nuclear fuel, including the waste from our region.

In addition to these achievements, we capped insulin prices at $35 per month, and thousands of infrastructure improvement projects are underway across the country. That’s real progress.

Looking to the year ahead, I will continue to seek bipartisan solutions to the ongoing challenges facing our district. Some of my 2024 priorities include:

Fighting for Federal Resources: Our district deserves its share of federal taxpayer dollars for projects that benefit all residents. Last year, I secured more than $50 million for community projects ranging from workforce training programs to improving the safety of our roads. I will continue fighting for resources to support important on-the-ground initiatives.

Tackle Veteran Homelessness and Hunger: No veteran should struggle to put food on the table or find affordable housing. In Orange County, roughly 1 in 12 veterans faces homelessness and 1 in 9 veterans is food-insecure. This is unacceptable. I’ve introduced and am developing bipartisan legislation to help veterans access affordable housing and increase nutrition assistance for military families. I’ll work with my colleagues to move these bills forward.

Constituent Services: My office handles thousands of constituent cases every year, helping residents overcome bureaucratic hurdles, deal with federal agencies like the IRS and VA, and access government benefits. We will continue to do all that we can to ensure constituents who contact our office get top-notch service and timely responses.

There is nothing we can’t do when we seek common ground to address the challenges facing our communities. We all want safer neighborhoods, affordable health care, good schools, and to protect our coast and environment. Ensuring our country is a better place for future generations is what drives me every day. I’m excited about what lies ahead this year.

By:  Rep. Mike Levin
Source: Picket Fence Media