September 29, 2022

Rep. Mike Levin Introduces Bipartisan Legislation to Expand Safe Storage of Firearms and Reduce Gun Violence

Washington, D.C. – Today, U.S. Representative Mike Levin (D-CA) introduced the Prevent Family Fire Act with Representative Rodney Davis (R-IL). The bipartisan bill will help reduce gun violence, including suicide and accidental shootings, by providing a modest tax credit for retailers to incentivize the sale of safe storage devices for firearms.

The Prevent Family Fire Act provides a tax credit to retailers for external devices sold in the United States that are designed and marketed to deny unauthorized access to, or render inoperable, a firearm or ammunition, and secured by a combination, key, or biometric lock. The credit is equal to 10 percent of cost at sale, with a maximum credit of $40 per device sold.

“There is an epidemic of gun violence in our country, and we must come together to enact commonsense reforms that will save lives,” said Rep. Levin. “In the last year, we’ve faced countless tragedies and it’s time we do more to address gun violence. This bipartisan bill is a strong step we can take to reduce unintentional discharges, suicides, and school shootings. I am proud to introduce this bipartisan legislation with my colleague Rodney Davis, and I will continue to fight every single day to advance legislation that reduces gun violence.”

“Firearm safety is extremely important and encouraging the sale of more gun safes will help increase safety,” said Rep. Davis. “I always encourage the responsible ownership of firearms. These are the kinds of bipartisan solutions we need to help reduce suicide, accidental shootings, theft of firearms, and other instances of gun violence.”

"Every day, eight children and teens are unintentionally shot with an unsecured firearm, and more than 60 Americans die by gun suicide. Safe gun storage is one of the most effective ways to reduce family fire ? a shooting involving an improperly stored or misused gun found in the home ? including firearm suicide and unintentional shootings,” said Brady President Kris Brown. “Brady thanks Rep. Levin and bipartisan leaders in Congress for their efforts to promote responsible gun ownership. By embracing a market approach that incentivizes firearm retailers to promote safety, the Prevent Family Fire Act will save lives.”

“Too often, youth suicide occurs with the use of an unsecure firearm. By incentivizing the sale of safe storage devices, this legislation will promote safe storage of firearms and save countless lives,” said Laurel Stine, J.D., M.A., Executive Vice President and Chief Policy Officer of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. “We are grateful to Rep. Mike Levin and Rep. Rodney Davis for championing this important bill.”

Over 75 percent of school shootings involve kids and teens having access to unsecured or unsupervised guns at home, and more than 80 percent of guns used by youth in suicide attempts were kept in the home of the victim, a relative, or a friend. Keeping firearms safely stored reduces the chances of family fire by 73 percent, and according to studies, even a modest intervention that motivates households to safely store guns could reduce youth firearm deaths by up to 32 percent.