January 25, 2021

Rep. Mike Levin Launches New Website Strengthening Constituent Services and Accessibility

San Juan Capistrano, CA – Today, U.S. Representative Mike Levin (D-CA) officially launched an new website to strengthen constituent services and accessibility. The website includes easier access to forms for constituents to request help with issues involving a federal agency and to contact Rep. Levin, as well as Spanish language pages.

“While my name may be on the door, I know this office belongs to the people I serve, which is why my one of my top priorities is providing excellent constituent services and remaining as accessible as possible,” said Rep. Levin. “I’m proud to launch a new website that focuses on those goals. I strongly encourage everyone I serve in North County San Diego and South Orange County to reach out if they need assistance or simply wish to share their policy priorities, and I hope our new website helps them do that.”

Rep. Levin’s website also features a number of success stories from constituents who received life-changing help from the Congressman and his staff. See below for some of those testimonials:

Daniel Fox from Carlsbad received help with the IRS: “Congressman Mike Levin and [staff] were able to achieve what accountants, lawyers and taxpayer advocates could not! They succeeded in getting the IRS to re-examine its improper personal income tax calculation from fiscal year 2010 and return money improperly seized over the past several years. I cannot praise [staff] enough… I received back all of the improperly seized funds, and I can finally put to rest an issue no one else could resolve in over 8 years.”

James Frohling from San Clemente received help with Medicare: “It is reassuring to know that something still works in our country. After seven months of fruitless attempts to restore my Medicare Part B coverage, the office of Mike Levin was able to successfully restore it within a short time. I am deeply grateful to Mr. Levin and his staff.”

Julian Joshua from Dana Point received help with a federal agency: “Not everybody knows that one of the most important jobs of a US Representative is his or her role of facilitating interaction between constituents and the federal bureaucracy. This essential function has no connection with party politics. I have to give Mike Levin and his team top marks in this department. I recently had a seemingly intractable issue with a federal agency on a fairly complex matter. Although I was in the right, the agency staff put case in a drawer and after many calls issued an unfavorable disposition that showed they had not understood the legal provision in question. Within a few days of my asking Representative Levin to intervene, I received a phone call from a senior manager to come in that afternoon and 24 hours later the agency admitted their error and the matter was resolved in my favor. There is nothing like the magic words ‘ Congressional Inquiry’ to get the bureaucracy moving. All thanks to Mike Levin’s team for taking this up.”

Diane Rogers from San Clemente received help with the Social Security Administration: “After months of struggling with Social Security to help my son be able to have his benefits reinstated, I contacted [staff] at Congressman Mike Levin’s office. If it weren’t for the Congressional Inquiry that was sent to Social Security, we would still be without my son’s social security benefits. Congressman Mike Levin went to bat for us. We are thankful.”

Jerry Dowling from Vista received help with VA benefits: "[Staff] from Rep. Levin's office helped me restore and increase my mother's benefits from the VA. Rep. Levin's letters to VA offices and [staff's] assistance was a tremendous help."

Betty Wilson from Vista received help with international travel issues during COVID-19: “Congressman Levin and his staff were instrumental in arranging for transit documents in Colombia, working with the State Department to obtain these critical documents so that US citizens could catch a  humanitarian flight from Colombia to Ft. Lauderdale. Throughout this crisis, Congressman Levin and his staff were caring and professional and immediately responded to our pleas for help. We are eternally grateful for the help we received from Congressman Levin’s office. Your efforts brought four Americans home!  Good job!!”

Angelita Mason from Oceanside received help with a Social Security issue: “Congressman Levin, I cannot thank you enough for the help you provided for me. Your staff was awesome. She took care of my cry of emergency and the result was unheard of… Without your help, I probably homeless already. You provided me peace of mind. Thank you so much. Thank you.”

John DeWitt in Bonsall received help with a passport issue: “I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Congressman Mike Levin and his staff for assisting me in securing my passport so that I can continue to pursue Sportfishing in Baja California waters.  I was frustrated to the point of severe depression over losing my only outlet.  Mr. Levin and his staff went to bat for me... I had never asked for assistance from an elected official in my 75 years, prior to this. I am so impressed with the professionalism and performance of Mike Levin and his wonderful staff.”

Cathy Jay in Cardiff received help with Social Security: "After 9 months and dozens of contacts with Social Security and Medicare, I asked Mike Levin's office for help. My issues were resolved in a matter of days."