December 15, 2021

Rep. Mike Levin Statement on Indictment of Amplify Energy Over Orange County Oil Spill

Oceanside, CA – U.S. Representative Mike Levin (D-CA) issued the following statement on the indictment of Amplify Energy Corp. and two subsidiaries, Beta Operating Co. and San Pedro Bay Pipeline Co., over its mishandling of the Orange County oil spill:

“The indictment against Amplify Energy and its subsidiaries reveals a stunning level of negligence and incompetence. For more than 12 hours, they allowed 25,000 gallons of crude oil to leak into our ocean. Not only did they fail to stop the leak quickly, they declined to notify authorities for nearly 17 hours after it was first detected. It is clear that Amplify should not be operating off the California coast, and I expect they will be held accountable. As I’ve said before, it’s time to end new offshore drilling and phase out existing drilling along our coast. I’m glad the House-passed Build Back Better Act includes a provision to end new drilling and strengthen oversight of existing drilling operators. We must put our ocean and our coastal economy first.”