March 14, 2022

Rep. Mike Levin Urges Californians to File Taxes Immediately to Receive Historic Tax Cuts Through the American Rescue Plan Act

Oceanside, CA – Today, U.S. Representative Mike Levin (D-CA) is urging Californians to file their taxes as soon as possible and receive the historic tax cuts created by the American Rescue Plan Act, which have slashed child poverty to record lows. In 2021, Rep. Levin delivered approximately $166.8 million in tax cuts for more than 77,000 hardworking families covering about 111,000 children in North County San Diego and South Orange County through the expanded Child Tax Credit, according to estimates from the Joint Economic Committee. Many of these families will see even more tax cuts when they file their taxes this year.

Eligible families can ensure they receive the expanded Child Tax Credit and Earned Income Tax Credit by filing their tax returns. They should start the process by reviewing their tax filing options at,, or by calling Rep. Levin’s office at 760-599-5000. See the IRS's Tax Time Guide here that details important considerations before filing a 2021 tax return.

“I was proud to help pass the expanded Child Tax Credit as part of the American Rescue Plan Act and provide much-needed relief for families trying to make ends meet,” said Rep. Levin. “This tax cut has helped hardworking families cover everyday costs from child care to prescriptions, gas, groceries, and more. Now, eligible Californians should file taxes as soon as possible to ensure they receive the full credit, and my office stands ready to help them with that process.”

Rep. Levin’s office is available to help constituents with issues they may have with the IRS. Here are several recent testimonials from constituents who received help from our office with IRS issues:

  • Daniel Fox from Carlsbad: "Congressman Mike Levin and [staff] were able to achieve what accountants, lawyers and taxpayer advocates could not! They succeeded in getting the IRS to re-examine its improper personal income tax calculation from fiscal year 2010 and return money improperly seized over the past several years.”
  • Michael Gordon in Oceanside: “I needed help getting resolution of an issue with the IRS. I contacted your office, and [staff] took over from there - in less than a week it was successfully resolved. Your office’s process was simple, [your staff] was wonderfully communicative, and my concerns were understood and dealt with with zero problem.”
  • Ellis Kupferman in Dana Point: "Congressman Mike Levin's staff were relentless in resolving an IRS error that resulted in a $4,400 tax refund to my family.”
  • Denise Jackson in Cardiff: "If not for the perseverance of [staff] at Congressman Levin's office, I believe I would still be waiting for my tax refund… I was hesitant to contact my Congressman as it did seem like an extreme measure, and the office is dealing with larger and more important matters. [Staff] did not make my matter seem trivial, and the kindness and competence were impactful and greatly appreciated. Restored a bit of faith in our democracy."

The American Rescue Plan, signed by President Biden in March 2021, represents one of the largest middle class tax cuts in American history. The law expanded the amount of the Child Tax Credit and provided families with advance monthly payments totaling up to one-half of the credit, cutting child poverty by 40 percent. The law also expanded the Earned Income Tax Credit, increasing the amount that working people between 19 and 65 with no qualifying children are eligible for from $543 to up to $1,502. To claim these funds, Californians must file a 2021 tax return, so the IRS has the information needed to calculate and issue their full payments. 

Here are some key facts about the Child Tax Credit:


  • It is not taxable, including the advance monthly payments received last year.
  • Families can get their Child Tax Credit by filing a tax return this year, including those who received part of their Child Tax Credit as advance monthly payments last year. 
  • Receiving it will have no impact on anyone’s eligibility for, or lower the amount of, other federal benefits.
  • If you qualified for advance monthly Child Tax Credit payments but did not receive them, you will receive the full credit amount when you file your tax returns.
  • Anyone, including grandparents, who are legal guardians may be eligible for the Child Tax Credit.

More information about the Child Tax Credit and tax filing can be found HERE.