February 06, 2024

Rep. Mike Levin’s Statement on Vote in Support of Israel Aid Package

Washington, D.C. – Today, Rep. Mike Levin (CA-49) released the following statement regarding his vote on the House’s supplemental funding package for Israel.

“Last November, I voted against Speaker Johnson’s Israel aid package because it was conditioned on unacceptable domestic spending reductions. At the time, I said I would vote in favor of a clean aid bill if it came to the House Floor. Today, I voted in favor of this second Israel aid package because it does not include the spending cuts. However, I reject Speaker Johnson’s attempts to divide the Congress, thus undermining the United States’ standing in the world in a time of crisis. My support of this legislation is for the defense of the Israeli people, and for Israeli leadership that understands the only way to live in peace, security, and dignity is to establish a Palestinian state.

“But make no mistake, this package is completely inadequate – humanitarian aid to Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank, defense aid to Ukraine and Taiwan, and funding for critical border security programs were all left out. Funding for these efforts is critical to our national interests, and we absolutely must add aid for Gaza and the West Bank before any legislation is signed into law.

“Speaker Johnson’s exclusion of these critical funding priorities shows that he and his extreme far-right flank only care about the approval of one man – the former president – and they put him before the rest of the nation. Speaker Johnson also refused to work with the Biden-Harris Administration, the Senate, and House Democrats, unilaterally developing this package without the input of other key partners and putting it up without an opportunity for amendments. That is an abdication of leadership.

“I strongly urge Speaker Johnson to drop the partisan political games and do what’s necessary for a secure America and the support of our allies abroad.”