July 26, 2019

Representative Mike Levin Statement on Impeachment Inquiry

Washington, D.C. - Today, U.S. Representative Mike Levin (D-CA) issued the following statement regarding an impeachment inquiry:

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Click here to watch Rep. Levin's statement.

"As your member of Congress, my first priority and most important responsibility is serving the needs of the people of California’s 49th  District.  In my seven months in office, I have kept my focus on our district and not on the distractions of Washington DC.

"But, I cannot ignore the dysfunction, corruption, and abuse of democracy that we witness every day from President Trump.  We have the serious crimes revealed in the Mueller Report including multiple examples of obstruction of justice.  We have the president’s encouragement of foreign interference with our elections.  We have witnessed his contempt for democratic norms and institutions, including his repeated failure to respond to legitimate requests for documents and information making it impossible for Congress to exercise its Constitutionally mandated oversight responsibilities.  As a result, I feel we can no longer wait.  I must now support an impeachment inquiry in order to get to the truth for my constituents. 

"I do not take this decision lightly – quite the opposite.  Moreover, given the current political climate, it may prove impossible to impeach the president regardless of what a House inquiry reveals.  But it remains my responsibility to do what I can to protect the rule of law and defend the Constitution.  I take that responsibility very seriously. 

"But I take just as seriously my commitment to the people I represent.  My focus will remain squarely on the people of the 49th and on my work in support of our veterans, in protecting our coast and our clean air and water, and on improving the quality of life for everyone I serve."