K-12 & Higher Education

Rep. Levin believes that investment in our education system is critical to our success as a nation. He is committed to making sure all children have access to a quality education. 

Rep. Levin has been a tireless advocate for our public school systems and believes we must make robust investments to attract high-quality teachers, reduce overcrowded classrooms, and ensure that learning environments are safe and healthy. He continues to fight for increased federal funding for our schools.

Rep. Levin is a leader in the fight to end child hunger. He was proud to introduce the Stop Child Hunger Act, which would provide families who have children eligible for free and reduced-price school meals with an electronic benefit transfer (EBT) card when school is not in session, or when schools are operating remotely or in a hybrid model.

Rep. Levin also believes we need comprehensive higher education reform to address the growing student loan debt crisis and ensure that all young people can afford to go to college. In the 116th Congress, he was proud to cosponsor and author several provisions of the College Affordability Act, a comprehensive reauthorization of the Higher Education Act that would lower higher education costs for students and families and improve the quality of colleges and universities.

Rep. Levin has introduced several bills to improve outcomes for students, including the Higher Education Standards Improvement Act, which would provide stronger protections for students if their college or university closes. He introduced the Student Loan Contract Act to ensure that students understand the commitment they are making when they take out loans, and he introduced the Veteran Service Equity Act, which expands the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program for individuals who work at Veteran Service Organizations. Rep. Levin was pleased to see all these bills included in the College Affordability Act during the 116th Congress.